Procrastination: the problem with my phone

So this week I have been totally slack with posting. I missed my deadline of a Tuesday and Thursday post partly due to the fact that I didn’t have anything solid that I was working on, but also due to the fact that I just kept putting it off. Sure, I’ve been busy, but it got me thinking about procrastination and the many ways that I have learnt to put things off in my life.

Procrastinating is something that many of us do. When there’s a job or a chore that we need to do, it is so easy to find something else that we can do instead. Procrastinating isn’t always doing something more fun. Which is weird, because I like to think of it as doing something more interesting than the job I really NEED to do. But in reality I will quite often procrastinate by doing the weirdest things- like cleaning, filing paperwork, or rearranging my sock drawer! Definitely not more fun!

Nine times out of ten though, procrastinating for me comes in the form of my phone. It is so easy to pick up and browse the internet. I was a lot worse when I used to be on social media- Facebook, Instagram; they are the easiest ways to waste minutes and hours trawling through the bilge of other peoples’ seemingly perfect, glossy lives.

It’s all fake though. That carefully posed photograph, that post about loving life… it’s all engineered in a narcissistic and dehumanised way to make ourselves feel better. And it’s no criticism on people who use social media – I was just as bad when I was using these platforms regularly! It’s so easy to grab your phone, take a snap and post it to Facebook or Instagram to show just how wonderful your life is.

But maybe I am a hypocrite. After all I do keep my social media open for the purpose of sharing my blog. Indeed, these platforms are not all bad; I like being able to contact people that I otherwise have no details for; and they allow people to connect with each other and find each other across large distances. So this isn’t a bash at social media.

What was my original point – ah yes! Procrastination.

Social media does allow us to procrastinate easily. Although it is not the only thing. Since I have stopped using mine I have instead turned to Pinterest, google and even the news apps as a way to waste time.

It makes me wonder how much more proactive I would be if I gave up my phone all together.

There are challenges online where people have tried to go phone free for a week or a month. I wonder if maybe it’s something I should try!

Do you procrastinate? And do you use your phone to do it? Or maybe the thought of going phone free for you is easy? If so, tell me how you manage it.

One thought on “Procrastination: the problem with my phone

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  1. I completely understand your issue! I’m like you, I procrastinate by doing the weirdest things!! I’m on social media but I only got on it for blogging purposes a d I don’t pay attention to it otherwise… (sorry, everyone on Facebook! I don’t care what cute thing or kid did or what hilarious vines you found…)
    But, my black hole is WordPress… Even now, I have 2 books that I need to read and instead, I’m reading other people’s posts… Ah, procrastination..thy name is WordPress…..

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